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Limo Pickup When arranging for any type of limo services, planning is essential.
Without the proper times and clear communication of the schedule, drivers and clients are set up for disaster. Most of the time, this type of rental accompanies a special event, ceremony, or celebration. Don't take the risk of being without transportation.

The Day/Night Schedule

Before arranging for limo services, it is important to plan the day or evening out. Once there is a tentative schedule, it is easy to determine when and where a driver will be needed. Remember to plan for things to run a little late. Sometimes the wedding pictures may take longer than expected or the bachelorette party is still going strong in the middle of the night. Be prepared for these changes and be sure to communicate any changes to the driver as soon as possible.

Pickups and Drop-offs

With a schedule in place, it is easy to determine where the limo services will be needed and what time they should arrive. Again, plans are not always concrete, so consider arranging for transportation to be there before it is needed and a little after the event is over. This schedule should be clearly communicated to the limousine company to ensure that the day or evening goes smoothly. Many companies have a form for clients to fill out, providing plenty of opportunity to leave as much detail as possible.

Err on the Side of Caution

Limo services are usually charged by the hour. One of the most common mistakes a customer can make is to try and fit everything in to a short time period. Events are delayed for a variety of reasons; some completely out of anyone's control. To prevent the awkward situation of being without transportation some time during the day or night, pay for an extra hour to two. This added precaution makes it possible to enjoy the festivities without constantly keeping an eye on the clock.

Communicate with Other Passengers

Nothing is more frustrating that waiting around for one person because he or she is late. Make sure that everyone planning to enjoy the limo services knows where they should be and when. If necessary, make adjustments to the schedule in order to accommodate special circumstances. Otherwise, a breakdown in communication can lead to extra charges as well as passengers and guests feeling frustrated with one another. No matter what the ride in the limousine is for, everyone wants to enjoy the ride and spend time together. Avoid confrontation or problems with a clear schedule.

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