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It's always fun renting a limousine for special occasions such as weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, prom, anniversaries or special outings with friends. They make the trip more exciting and add an extra level of excitement and buzz to your special event. But, have you ever wondered about the rules of how to act in a limousine? You're paying for a ride, but what's appropriate and not appropriate? Do you tip the chauffeur?

Chauffeur Let GoPro Limousine help you navigate limousine etiquette rules so you're well-informed for your next chauffeured ride!

Tardiness - Don't be late! You don't want to be late for your own special affair, or make the driver late for any subsequent appointments, so be sure to be ready and waiting on time. Also, extra time may cost you extra money.

Business Relationship - The chauffeur/passenger relationship is a business relationship, so treat the limo driver with courtesy and respect.

No Smoking - It should go without saying that most limousine service companies prohibit smoking cigarettes or cigars for the comfort of other passengers and to keep the car smelling clean and fresh.

Behavior - A luxurious vehicle and alcohol can lead to a rowdy crowd, for sure! But, keep in mind when having fun to be respectful and courteous to your driver.
Don't verbally or physically harass the driver.
Don't us rude or lewd language.
Never use illegal drugs.
Don't damage any part of the limo

Gratuity - Finally, the age-old question; is gratuity included or expected at the end of the ride? In many cases, most limo companies include gratuity in the final price of the rental. It is acceptable to tip the driver in cash for exceptional service though. If gratuity isn't included, 20% to 30% of the total bill is the standard rate.

We at GoPro Limousine Service & transportation Love our Clients but, at the same time we're very serious and strict when it comes to rules, regulations and proper behaviors for our client's safety. So let's all follow the rules and etiquette to be safe for a fun ride and show that you belong.

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