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Their Cars are Old

Unless you are purposely looking to rent a vintage limo or Towncar, then it would be wise to rent from a transportation company with newer and better-maintained vehicles. You don't want to miss the flight home because the limo you rented suddenly broke down in the middle of the road, do you?

And while some may argue that well-maintained old cars are still able to run well, no one can say that an old car, no matter how finely tuned it is, can outperform a brand new one.

No Insurance or License

One of the reasons why you take limousines instead of ordinary cabs, Uber, Lyft or similar services is for the added security they provide and you can't get these when the limo company you are about to hire has NO license from the Department or Tourism or with NO required $2.5 Million commercial insurance for their passengers.

You comfort, convenience and safety depends on the quality of the limo company you hire. Choose the wrong one and you might end up late for your flight home or in the middle of an empty road with an overheated limo. Choose the right one and you are in for one of the most convenient and comfortable rides of your life. Use the four signs to make the right choice.

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