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Where to go in South Bay Area; (Part 2 Napa, Calistoga)Book Now

The San Francisco Bay Area is like no other in California, but you probably knew that. Its scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities, and world-class cuisine have been the stuff of legend for decades. Here at Bay GoPro Limo service in San Jose, Bay Area we give you the information you need about the exciting and different destinations:

Napa Bars - City of Napa boasts a thriving downtown district with a hip vibe. Here, along the banks of Napa River, are trendy shops, boutique hotels, the restored Napa Valley Opera House and restaurants that range from posh to pizzerias - all within walking distance. Sample wine at any of 20 wine bars and tasting rooms. Swirl. Sniff. Sip. The familiar routine of most wineries isn't boring, but once you've visited a dozen or so tasting rooms, you might be looking for a wine-tasting experience that offers something a little beyond the ordinary. Luckily, many wineries have begun to offer just that - a new spin on the typical wine tasting.

CharBay Distillery and Winery The cocktail and craft liquor scene even extends to area producers. Unlike the others on this list, Charbay isn't a bar or restaurant, it's a distillery. Producing tequila, rum, brandy, whiskey, wine, port, and several flavors of vodka, the St. Helena distillery welcomes guests for tours by appointment.

Napa Charbay Unfortunately, due to county laws, they can't offer tastings of the hard alcohol, but visitors can enjoy the apertifs, wines, and ports crafted onsite and then buy a bottle to take home, or head to a local bar, like SolBar, to sample the goods mixed into a cocktail.

SolBar One grape grower has gone a step further, using grapes to produce what they are calling the world's first Vintage Vodka. Napa Vodka uses only "100% premium single vintage, single estate Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc" grapes for their production; you can't visit the distillery but you can find the vodka at SolBar, as well as other area restaurants like Farmstead or Morimoto.

Calistoga Hot Springs Napa Valley may be best known for its wine production, and it's unlikely that will change anytime soon, but now cocktail connoisseurs have a new reason to raise a glass in wine country.

Calistoga Hot Air Baloon Calistoga is Napa Valley's most unique destination. Its claim to fame was natural hot springs, and the claim still stands today, with a vacation's worth of day and resort spas. Some of the western ambiance and storefronts of this north valley town survive today, joined by the most up-to-date restaurants, hotels, and inns.

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