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Hearst Castle Tour

Hearst Castle Pool Lavish Designs
From Highway 1, you'll see this incredible complex of ornately embellished towers and buildings perched high on a coastal hilltop, like a coastal Shangri-La with 360 views. Lavishly designed by Julia Morgan (California's first female licensed architect), as the private residence of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, the complex, completed in 1947, is an extraordinary temple to opulence and excess. Now showcased within one of California's most visited state parks, it is a must-see to end all must see, an eye-popping extravaganza with a 165-room castle, 127 acres/51 hectares of terraced gardens, fountains, and pools.

In fact, the castle's two pools are standout attractions. The outdoor Neptune Pool, 104 feet (32 meters) in length and with an oil-burning heating system, evokes ancient Greece and Rome, with marble statues of Neptune and Nereid guarding over the aquatic paradise. Hearst Castle Interior The second, smaller indoor Roman Pool has the look of a decadent Roman bath, with rich details including cobalt blue and gold smalti, or glass tiles. Look up to see intricate mosaics depicting a star-filled night sky, spreading across the roof and dome. The pool is surrounded by eight marble sculptures of Greek and Roman gods, goddesses, and heroes, carved by Italian sculptor Carlo Freter.

Private Hearst Castle Tour, Up to 6-people (All Day Tour)

•2 people: $550 (first two in the group)
Each Additional Adult: $150 (in the same group)
Kids under 9 yrs. old: $100
(includes SUV vehicle, entry tickets to the Hearst Castle, Parking, Bridge tolls)
• Reservation must be made prior.
• Availability limited.
• Food not included.
• GoPro Limo is not responsible for closed attractions or any mishaps.
• For a Larger Group Please Call Up to 30 People.

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