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White Stretched Limo
  1. Professional Professional - Our staff is well-groomed and dressed with outstanding attitude to make you as comfortable and welcome as possible.
  2. Disinfectant Wipes Sanitary - When you're sick, germs are continually being spread to everything you touch. That's why it's important to disinfect any surfaces of any car that have been touched by sick hands or just in general. We at GoPro Limousine use disinfectant sheets on all back seat surfaces and door handles after every client we service for everyone's well being.
  3. Coffee Refreshing - We at GoPro Limousine believe after a long and tiring trip, a Hot Tea or Coffee with a fresh pastry or in hot summer a cold soda will refresh your body more than a Starburst candy.
  4. Tablet High Tech - GoPro Limousine uses the modern tablet technology with flashing neon lettering to Meet & Greet our VIP guests, instead of a cardboard and marker!
  5. Free Wifi Connected - All of our Vehicles are equipped with Free Wi-Fi, therefore go ahead, check your Emails or follow your favorite show.

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